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Good afternoon! I was able to talk with my friend Michele Santos, who is also a personal trainer. I audio recorded it for you below, and got some information and her viewpoints about fitness and the way she trains her clients. Please take a listen!


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Fit Myth Busters

PhotobucketSome say eat before a workout, some say don’t. You should not eat a big meal right before a workout, but you should have a 150-200 calorie meal an hour and a half before a workout. This can stop you from feeling sick during a workout.

Running shoes: the latest studies are finding that thinner and lighter shoes prevent less injury, rather than heavier shoes.  Think about your foot strike, if you learn to strike more with your heal you are protecting your legs more.

You don’t need to work out buddy. It can be nice to get together and go to the gym with your girlfriends, but you may not be getting the best workout and the best support you think you’re getting. New studies are showing that you may work out harder solo. And, what if your buddy can’t make it or doesn’t show up? Don’t become dependent on having a workout partner.

Girly push-ups aren’t as effective. Experts say to instead try modifying the angle of the push up, and putting your arms on a low bench or a chair.  You will still be able to get the full range of motion and the benefits of a push up.

Get Drunk & Get Fat

I hope I’m not bursting anyone’s bubble when I say that the “champagne diet” will NOT work for you! That great buzz you feel from alcohol is of course fun, but the buzz comes with more calories that you probably thought. Without even talking about Mai Tai’s, Adios’s, margaritas and other fruity drinks, (because all sweet drinks are loaded with calories, sugars, and the wrong kind of carbs) the actual alcohol itself has enough calories in it.

Yes you did work hard during the work week, and you do deserve to indulge, let loose, and have fun. However pick and choose your drinks wisely when it comes to alcohol.

Here are some facts: Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural starches and sugar. A lot of sugar = a lot of calories. Therefore alcohol is loaded with calories. In fact, it is seven calories per gram. ( The number of calories in alcohol is SECOND to the number of calories in fat! (9 grams).

Drinking alcohol also increases the amount of food and the types of food you eat, while drinking alcohol and the day after drinking.  (I’m sure everyone has had the drunken munchies before.) According to the Department of Health survey, people are likely to eat more food than they normally would while drinking, and eat worse food for you (salts, carbs, etc.) Also, six out of ten people eat a horrible breakfast the next day.  This is due to the dehydration alcohol gives you; your body graves greasy foods.

Here is a link to calculate how many calories your alcohol has.

I don’t drink ANY sugary drinks anymore. When I drink, I drink vodka water with lemon, (which still has about 75 empty calories) or red wine, (which has about 130 calories per class) Red wine does have its benefits though! If you drink beer, stay away from wheat beers. My favorite beer is blue moon, and I used to love drinking it until I found out it is one of the heaviest beers available with over 350 calories! Take a look at your calories from alcohol. You even get to type in how many drinks you usually have so it will calculate your calories a night on just alcohol alone.

Hope this helps! Much health & happiness-fit & healthy gal

Calculate your BMI

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Hope everyone’s having a fabulous week! I’ve been super busy, so for my workouts I’ve been referring to a past blog I posted (a busy bee’s body needs lovin’ too) No excuses! Photobucket

Want to know how much body fat you have? Calculating your body mass index (BMI) is a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people.  Doctors/trainers have a few other methods they use but this is one for everyone to be able to figure out.  I attached a link below Your BMI is calculated from your height and your weight. The results will tell you if you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese based on your height and weight.  Remember, if you aren’t happy with the result, it is because your eating habits aren’t great or your exercise is slacking! Don’t give up.

Much health & happiness, fit & healthy gal